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A Chevy Traverse for the Month of Dec...Oh Yes Please!

So, I’ve been honored to be asked to be a part of Chevy’s Time Out for Mom’s Program where I will get to drive a brand new Chevy Traverse for the month of December. I will be sent on special missions that are designed so I can review different features of the Traverse and report my findings back to you. So, be sure to follow my journey. I will be debuting my vblog (video blogging) skills as well. I’ve never recorded a video to be used as a blog post before, so I’m eager to get started with that as well.

I’m excited to be working with local mommy bloggers:

Kelly (The Centsible Life), Tina (Life Without Pink), Karon (Mama’s Cool Things), and Mel (Mels’ Box of Chocolates)

Get Your $40 Spa Finder Gift Card From Chevy for Test Driving the New Traverse

If you test drive a new Chevy Traverse, you get a $40 spa finder gift card. Be sure to “Like” our Time Out for Mom Facebook Fan Page to get updates on all the new fun prizes we have lined up for you to win during our Time Out for Mom Program in December.

*Disclosure: Philadelphia Area Chevrolet Dealers have loaned me a 2011 Chevy Traverse for one month and are sending me on missions in the car along with the necessary gift cards in order to do so.

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