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Featured Mama of the Week: Trina O’Boyle

This week’s Featured Mom of the Week is Trina O’Boyle, the woman behind the website O’Boy! Organic.  She is a mom to two boys ages 3 and 5 years, who coincidently both have the same birthday which she insists wasn’t planned! Trina is a busy work at home mom.  She is the Social Media Editor for HAPPYBABY food, and organic food company for babies and children based in New York City.  She also runs her own company, O’Boy! Organic where she provides cooking classes for parents and cooking parties for children.  She states that her “goal in both jobs is to educate parents that feeding your children healthy foods can be EASY, YUMMY and FUN to do with your kids.”

Trina’s family activities often center around the outdoors and gardening.  The boys love to dig in the dirt, make bridges and towns out of rocks and anything else they can find.  They also enjoy helping mom in the garden. She mentioned that “whether we are digging in the vegetable garden or planting flowers they are right there with me. When we can’t get our hands dirty outside then we love to play board games and take train rides. It’s seriously is such cheap entertainment, all they want is to see how fast the train can go and walk around in the city. They think it’s the BEST!”  What a great idea!  The boys also enjoy making light sabers from Star Wars and have amassed at least 50 of them in the basement!  Trina also enjoys watching her boys play T-ball.  She stated that she loves watching her boys, who amaze her with their creativity, kindness and determination.  She stated that she is fascinated by how different they are and how they both have such amazing personalities.

Trina mentioned that her and her husband try to teach their children to be independent and self-confident in their abilities. She said, “We feel that if they are independent, have good self-worth and confidence now at a young age then it will manifest into something WONDERFUL as they get older. The world we live in is changing by the second, and we want to give our boys the best possible tools so they can persevere and be self-reliant so they know what to do when challenges arise. One of the ways we have implemented those independent skills is by putting items that they use most within reach for them, so if they want a drink they can get it themselves or want to do art, everything is there for them. We also tend NOT to be on the go all the time. We have so many wonderful toys and a great big backyard that they can explore and use their imagination. I love to see them digging in the dirt building cities, bridges and rivers and playing with one another. It’s such a blessing that they have one another, and we want them to appreciate each other by engaging as playmates not just brothers.” Teaching empathy is another life skill that Trina instills in her boys.  She said, “with having 2 active boys we have many opportunities to teach them to be empathetic. If one hurts the other we take the one that hurt the other over to first see how they are, ask if they need anything to make them feel better and apologize. We also ask the person that did the hurting of how they would feel if that happened to them. We feel that if they start to relate to the one being hurt then it will help them be more empathic to others when they see someone sad, hurt or even angry. I was a Montessori teacher for years before selecting my other career path. I think being in an environment that shows children positive ways of discipline gave me great insight of how I could discipline and teach my little ones.”

Since Trina’s business is about food, she is also surrounded by food all the time.  She said that cooking breakfast with her kids is a favorite, and she mentioned that they had recently made Baked Oatmeal which they really enjoyed.  She sent along a link to some easy veggie recipes that can be made using one’s own garden grown veggies or ones from a local farm market.  Her blog is filled with lots of info for healthy family foods too!  She finds that cooking  and trying out new recipes relaxes her, so she has found a way to incorporate her hobby into a career.

Trina talked a bit about how she utilizes social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) as it relates to her business.  She said, “I use all three in different ways. I think Facebook is a great way for me to connect with the people that really love the HB (HAPPYBABY) products or the services I provide. We share recipes, tips give each other advice. I think of Facebook as more of a family community plugging along to get as much information possible to make their families healthy and happy. Twitter has been a huge asset, I’ve gotten more business contacts through Twitter than any other platform. It’s a great source of information and again you form a community of your peers that you look for daily to see what they are up to daily. Now Linkedin is something I use but I don’t think I utilize it like I should, that is something I am going to work on. There is just so many groups, forums etc. that it’s hard to keep track of it all.”

When asked about the best and worst advice she ever received when becoming a parent, Trina stated that the best advice was to make time for yourself and your husband and to remember that before being a parent, you were a woman and wife.  The worst advice she received was when she became pregnant with her second son I she was advised to have another C-section.  She said, “so glad I didn’t listen, I would go through 18 hours of labor, 2 1/2 hrs. of pushing all over again just to be able to hold my son the minute he came out. It was truly an amazing experience. Listen to yourself because each situation is different, each child is different, you are the parent of your little ones and you DO know best!”  And Trina’s advice to new parents is to be patient! ”Everything comes in time, they will sleep through the night (eventually) they will roll over, crawl, pull themselves up and walk…WHEN THEY ARE READY. Try not to read every parenting book because it WILL make you crazy! Most of all enjoy them as infants, I was so stressed the first 6 weeks of their lives that I don’t feel that I fully enjoyed that experience and there are so many times I had it to do over again..they grow so fast!”

Thank you Trina, for sharing your wise words and a bit of yourself with Mama’s Little Helper!


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