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We LOVE Just Between Friends Children’s Consignment Sale



When my daughter was born, I bought or was showered with EVERYTHING under the sun for a baby.  I thought I needed it all and that it had to be fresh from the stores.  As she was growing up, I found that most of what I had paid all that good money for BRAND NEW wasn’t ever used or wasn’t really necessary for my lifestyle.  AND through Mama’s Little Helper, I discovered I could buy what I needed or wanted slightly used or even NEW for a LOT, LOT LESS.  Which is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Children’s Consignment Sales!   Shopping at consignment sales has saved me a TON of money over the years.  My family is full of women who love to shop and it is inevitable that one of them comes home with something new for my daughter.  She has been one of the best dressed kids I know.  I held on to most of her clothes, shoes, and girly toys knowing that someday we would want another child.   As my luck would have it, we were blessed with my BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY and all of those bins and bags full of girly things would now have to go!

And while I love to shop and sell my things at consignment sales, I have to admit that the pricing, organizing and tagging can be a bit of pain.  It’s no fun trying to hang clothes and pin tags holding a 4 month old!  Which leads to me the first reason I am raving over JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS CONSIGNMENT SALE!  They have VIP TAGGING SERVICE!


Here’s how it works:  Bring your clean, sorted clothes/toys/items to the designated VIP tagger. The VIP tagger prepares and tags your items (you have 2 days to approve the tags), takes them to the sale, puts them on the sales floor AND you still make 50%!!  You pay a $20 supply fee when you drop off your items (additional $8 for every 50 items over 200), and a $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check.  You will be given a pre-sale pass to attend the consignor pre-sale Thursday, April 4th @ 2:30pm and you get to bring 1 guest.  Enjoy your clean closets and drawers and cash your check!  Sign up ASAP!  Limited spots are available.
Email for your spot.

Why sell your items with Just Between Friends?
As a consignor you make 65% of your sales and you set the price of each of the items you put in the sale. Your $10 consignor fee will be taken out of your check and volunteers make 70%-75% of their sales!  Another great thing I love about this sale is that Just Between Friends has NO LIMITS on how much you can sell!  So turn that clutter into cash!!!  They also have a SPRING SWEEPSTAKES going on where you can win some FABULOUS PRIZES!

I shopped this sale in the fall and was impressed with the quality of the items, the layout of the location and Danielle was such a fabulous person to deal with. Some things you can expect to see at the upcoming event:
30,000 sq.ft. of Fabulous BARGAINS

  • Spring/Summer children’s (size newborn – teen sizes) clothing.
  • Maternity clothing – all sizes and all seasons
  • Baby equipment—strollers, high chairs, bouncers, saucers, diapers, bottle warmers, car seats, swings and more
  • Children’s décor— room decor, framed art, furniture
  • Toys—Legos, princesses, coloring books, castles, bikes, puzzles and more
  • Outdoor Equipment – slides, play gyms, etc
  • Kid Electronics—software, video games, Leapsters, DS
  • Mommy Mart – And so much more!

The Just Between Friends sale in Lower Bucks will be happening April 5th – 7th at The Sportsplex – 1331 O’Reilly Drive, Feasterville, PA 19053

Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to register to shop.

Friday April 5th (children are welcome)

9:30am – 8:30pm Open to the Public $3.00 Admission Fee (be sure to ask how to get a free admission pass
Saturday April 6th (children are welcome)

9:30am – 6pm Open to the Public – $3.00 Admission Fee (be sure to ask how to get a free admission pass

6:30pm – 8:30pm Half Price PreSale (Volunteers Only)
Sunday April 7th (children are welcome)

9:30am – 2pm – 50% Off Sale!!!!!!!!!!!! – Free Admission – Look for items WITHOUT a Star!
For info on their upcoming sale in Quakertown click HERE.


Top 10 Tips for shopping a consignment sale

This is the season for children’s consignment sales. Seasonal consignment sales offer a unique venue for families to sell items their children no longer use and others a chance to purchase the same items at a fraction of regular retail prices. Sales set up shop for a weekend or a few days in the spring and fall. Some sales also offer a holiday sale around December that specializes in toys and holiday clothes. Here are some tips for successfully shopping one of these events. Mark your calendars for the Kidzsignments Fall/Holiday event (November 17-19 at 76 Reaville Avenue (next to McDonalds) in Flemington). Check out our website at for more information and complete sale schedule.

Find a Sale

Pick a sale that best fits you. Consider how far you’re willing to travel, sale hours, how popular the sale (the more popular usually means the more crowded), what they sell (not all sell car seats or maternity clothing), what payments they will accept etc. A large sale is usually worth the drive, but don’t rule out smaller less popular sales that may not have a large quantity, but will likely still have quality items for sale. Google your area using keywords ‘children’s consignment sale’ to find one in your area.  If you find a sale you enjoy, join their email list to stay informed.

Make a List

Like grocery shopping, it’s never a good idea to walk into a consignment sale without a list – your plan. Take a few minutes prior to the sale to write out what you’re looking to buy. This goes for clothing, sports equipment, books etc. Don’t forget to specify sizes too.

Set a Budget

Walking into a consignment sale for the first time can be overwhelming. There are thousands of GREAT things to buy and the prices are always great. If you don’t set a limit, you will likely over spend. Consider shopping with cash to avoid the urge to buy more with a credit card. Please note that not all sales will accept credit cards for payment.

Leave the Kids at Home

Some sales restrict if or when children may attend. It’s never a great idea to bring your children even if a sale allows. It’s usually stressful to shop anywhere with a child but a consignment sale can be even tougher because of the crowds and lines.  It’ll be more fun for everyone if you can leave the little ones at home.

Shop Early

Most sales allow sellers and volunteers to shop before the public. This can be the difference it makes to ensure you get the ‘best’ deal, and not just the ‘good’ deals. You don’t have be a consignor to shop early. Check sale websites for opportunities to volunteer a few hours to earn a preview shopping pass. Some sales offer First-time moms an opportunity to register for an early shopping pass (rules will vary per sale). Visit the sale website for specifics on early shopping opportunities. If you plan on shopping the first public day, be sure to arrive early, up to an hour, to get in line.

Grab Your Tools

Having the right tools will make your shopping much easier. Use string to measure your child’s waist and length to use when shopping for pants/skirts. You can use cardboard to trace an outline of their feet to help with shoe or snow boot sizes. You can also keep a list of clothing and shoe sizes when shopping. If the sale allows, bring a wagon, basket or rubber bin to hold you items while you shop. It is also a good idea to come in a vehicle large enough to hold your purchases (especially if you are shopping for train tables, infant gear or furniture).

Shop Strategically

When you first arrive make a beeline for the items you want most. Ask about ‘HOLD’ areas or marking items ‘SOLD’ to avoid carrying (or dragging) heavy loads. When shopping for clothing hold an item if it is a “maybe”, instead of returning only to find it gone. Don’t forget that the last day of a sale is usually a discount day. And don’t make the assumption that nothing good would remain on the final day of a sale. Many overpriced items can be snatched up on half price day when the price is right.

Think Outside the Box

Most people think of consignment sales as a less expensive way to buy clothing, toys and baby gear for their family. But consider buying birthday, holiday and other gifts at a consignment sale. Many consignors are selling brand new items – similar to what you may find at WalMart or Target. Some larger sales offer brand new products lines like Melissa & Doug for sale at a discount.  You may also find vendors at some sales selling homemade items or hard to find items.

Know Your Prices/Brands

Consignors are usually responsible for setting their own prices. Don’t assume every price is a ‘good price’. Know the higher end brands (i.e. Baby Gap, Gymboree, Janie & Jack) which will be priced higher AND the lower end (i.e Jumping Beans, Circo, Kid Connection, Faded Glory) which should be priced lower. Take advantage of your SmartPhone to check Ebay or retail store websites (i.e. to compare pricing.  Remember, consignment stores will not negotiate pricing or take items back if you find them cheaper somewhere else.

Inspect Your Items

Be sure to double check your finds before paying for them.  Check the sizes on the garment label. Be careful when buying clothing sets to ensure all pieces are the same size. Most sales inspect items during drop off, but it’s always a good idea to look for stains, holes or make sure toys work and have all the pieces. Double check your movies to make sure the correct DVD is inside and check books for tears and writing. Remember, most sales don’t accept returns.


Laurie Owens lives in Flemington, NJ and is the mother of 3 children and owner of Kidzsignments Childrens Consignment Sale. She organizes semi-annual events in Edison and Flemington (Nov 17-19). If you’d like to learn more about her consignment sale, visit her website at


Mama’s Question of the Week: What are your favorite kids’ Halloween costume ideas?

Halloween is just a few weeks away!  Have your kids picked out costumes yet or come up with any clever ideas?  Do you buy costumes or make them?  My son has changed his mind at least a half dozen times about what he wants to be.  He is four this year and is finally understanding more about getting dressed up, although he keeps asking if he can wear the same costume he wore last year, a mail carrier.  Then he wants to be a fire fighter, or an Imagination Mover!  We have an assortment of costumes at this point, so he will be able to choose what he wants to wear from what is available when Halloween finally arrives.  A tip I learned was to buy Melissa and Doug brand dress up clothing for costumes, because then the costumes can be used all year long as dress up and they come with all the accessories needed.  Using a coupon at A.C. Moore made the fire fighter costume I bought a great deal!

There are several costume swaps going on this month, so check with your schools, churches and moms clubs to see if they are hosting one.  A costume swap is a great way to get new to your kids costumes without spending a dime.  Usually you are able to bring in as many gently used costumes as you want and bring home the same number of “new” costumes from the event.  (There was a Philadelphia Costume Swap held last weekend, did you go??)  Another great way to go is to swap costumes with a bunch of your mom friends to see if there is another way to recycle last years costume.  Local consignment shops and Goodwill/Thrift stores often have great choices at low costs too.

So what are your favorite kids’ Halloween costume ideas?

Mom’s Money Saving Tip- Use Consign Stores & Sales (Thrift)

Have you ever consigned? How about used any type of consign business?

If you are a family with children, then you are always looking for ways to save money. Consignment Sale, Thrift Shops & Stores are a big way you can find savings for your family. Sometimes they are called Thrift Stores or Good Will, whatever they call them, you need to be shopping there. They usually have limits the consignor must follow as far as what shape the product is in, so you can usually trust what you are buying will holdup for some time.

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