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Bonsai Ball Kicks Mama's Core This Week

This week’s training session with All Fitness Customized Training was all about the bonsai ball and the resistance bands. Every week, we focus on making my core stronger and strength training, toning my body. Exercises on an exercise ball are a challenge because I have to keep my balance while doing the exercise. By Mama having to keep my balance, I’m working several muscles at once to keep myself on the ball…it’s like more bang for my buck.

I know I promised a video post this session, but I forgot my camera…doh! I’ll try and remember it on Monday. I made spin class both Sunday and Friday this week! Yeah :) I’m planning on Sunday spin at B & R Fitness this weekend!

Santa Claus was good to Mama. He brought me racquetball gear. I can’t wait to start playing the game on a regular basis. The one time I played it a few weeks ago, it was a GREAT cardio workout!

Stay tuned for more of Mama’s Fitness Journal Posts! Read along as Mama gets herself strong and in better health! My RA & Fibromyalgia hurt less when I exercise, so the more visits to the Fitness Center, the better off I am with my health challenges.

Mama Works The Resistance Bands with All Fitness

So Mama slacked off and didn’t get 12/13 post up about my training session until tonight, the night before my next training session. All Fitness Customized Training had me use the resistance bands to make my arms not be able to function for the rest of the day…I mean to work my arm muscles…lol. After the bands and some other exercises, he had me run/walk the track which totally pushed me out of my comfort zone.

In all seriousness, the training is working, today I did 10 REAL push-ups! I probably could have done even more. My core muscles are getting stronger. I love this. My core and arms have always been my biggest issue as I’m sure they are with most woman. I made spin class twice this week, so I’m thrilled with myself. I hope to drop 10lbs and continue to get stronger core muscles.

Stay tuned for a video blog post on tomorrow’s session. Watch Mama transform into a mean, lean Mama machine! Registered & Protectedcopyright for video