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Snacking on the go with Platex Twist ‘n Click: Giveaway!

Every mom of little kids I know has a snack in her bag for her little ones.  I know I usually carry several!  When my son was little it was always cheerios or goldfish, as I frequently found them in the bottom of my diaper bag or on the floor of the car/in the car seat! I’ve had my share of snack cups and have some I like, some that just didn’t work, despite best intentions.  Recently I had the chance to try out the Platex Twist ‘n Click Snacker and the Platex Twist ‘n Click bowl set to see if they could stand up to my kiddo.

The Platex Twist ‘n Click Snacker is a 9 ounce clear colored plastic cup with a contrasting colored solid plastic lid that clicks shut on the top.  Remove the lid by sliding it off and flipping it and snapping it to the bottom of the cup and find a soft plastic star shaped opening that lets little hands reach in while keeping snacks inside and spill resistant.  This snack cup is fairly sturdy: I threw it across the room twice (empty) to see how it held up.  The lid stayed attached to the handle and the top of the snack cup did not open.  My son tested it out and said that the soft opening was easy to use and did not hurt his hand.  I love that the plastic cup is dishwasher safe and BPA free.  It is recommended for ages 12 months plus.

Platex Twist 'n Click Snacker

The Platex Twist ‘n Click Bowl also holds 9 ounces and is made of the same BPA free plastic.  The colored clear bowl has a solid colored lid that is leak proof and easily locked on.  After lining up the small arrows on the rim of the lid and bowl, twist the lid shut and hear the click to know that the contents of the bowl are secure and the seal is tight.  This container is dishwasher and microwave safe, and it stacks easily for storage.  What I like about this bowl and lid is that it is the perfect size for storing leftovers.  I can toss this in my bag for when we go out to eat in restaurants and bring the leftovers of my son’s meal home with us without wasting one of those Styrofoam take-out containers.  This Twist ‘n Click bowl fits into our attempts at being more environmentally green by being less wasteful.  To test this bowl to be sure it was leak proof, I partially filled one bowl with some water, sealed the lid and tossed it around the kitchen.  It did not leak!  It did take me a bit of time to figure out how to properly seal the lid, as there were no instructions on the package about lining up the arrows.  I also have some difficulty with my hands’ strength, as I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, one fixed with surgery.  After some practice, I was able to manipulate the lids on the bowls and get them to properly seal.  I suggest trying out the lids before filling the bowls, just to be sure and prevent possible leaks if the lid isn’t sealed correctly.

Platex Twist 'n Click Bowls

Both the Twist ‘n Click bowl and snacker come in different colors.  I sort of have a pet peeve with storage containers being sexed by color (pink for girls, blue for boys) but that certainly does not affect the effectiveness of the product!  I guess the good thing about having colored storage containers makes it easy to tell in the refrigerator which containers are for the kids versus the adults.  A cool feature of both the bowls and the snacker cup is that there is a space on the bottom of each to write a child’s name in marker.  This is a great feature when you have several kids and the same colored container or for sending to day care or school.

I’ve used Platex sippy cups for several years and know that the company makes a good product.  Adding these storage solutions to their line of products is helpful to parents!  Both of these products are available from Babies R Us.


Want a chance to try out both of these storage and snacking solutions for yourself and your child?  Enter our giveaway here to win both the Twist ‘n Click Snacker and Bowl products from Platex.  Leave a comment on this blog post and  share your kids’ favorite snack if you’d like.  For a second entry, tweet about this giveaway and comment leaving your twitter handle.  An example tweet could be I entered to #win a set of Platex Twist ‘n Click bowls and snack cup from @MamasLtlHelper! #giveaway #kids

Important! One winner will be selected from all of the comments using  The winner will have 48 hours to respond to an email from Mama’s Little Helper or the prize will be forfeited.  This giveaway ends on Tuesday November 8. 2011 at 10:00 pm EST.  Good luck and happy snacking!


Disclosure:  I received one set of bowls and a snack cup for the purpose of this review and giveaway.  The opinions expressed are mine.  No financial compensation was received.  Platex is providing and distributing the prize. Registered & Protectedcopyright for video